My favourite city in Europe: Lisbon

What do you think of when you think of freedom? Sand… blue sky every day …with sun of course…? Or wandering through small and cute streets somewhere without purpose? Lisbon can offer both and many more. I lived there for 5 months as an Erasmus student and I have felt free in so many ways. All this is perfectly collaborating with the melancholic famous style of music – fado and a range of good food.


In my opinion, this is the best thing about Lisbon and Portugal , as I have been in all parts of it. Maybe now you can’t imagine, you think that you are free now too. And most likely you are, but in Lisbon, I’m talking about freedom in all aspects :

  • freedom of walking without fear at 4 a.m. as we are walking to our apartment after the Halloween party;
  • freedom of living with a small amount of money – because it is so cheap, my expenses per month excluding the rent were 200 euros ;
  • freedom of talking in English because almost everyone knows it or at least they will do whatever they can to understand and help you
  • freedom of not wearing winter clothes because there is no such season
  • freedom to be who you are without the fear of discrimination because there are so many people from different nationalities and Portuguese are very tolerant.
    What is more, the calmness of the people is contagious and it is not hard to feel like a local already on the second day. This combined with fado and food makes Lisbon the perfect destination for people with free spirit! If you want to learn tips for restaurants and where to listen to a great fado read more at:

    tram 28 lisbon
    Me enjoying the wind in my hair as i'm travelling in the most famous tram 28


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